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The Hohman Appraisal Co Apprasial Process (continued)
December 15th, 2015 2:18 PM

So, to continue on with appraisal process. - When a new appraisal order is received, I start a new folder in Dropbox in order to store all relevant work file docs.  Once the sales research is finished, all of the sales and subject documents and an appraisal report template are sent to ieIMPACT, Inc., a data entry company that specializes in real estate residential appraisals.  I use their 24 hour service which allows me to take a mostly complete report to the inspection of the subject and the sales.  Using ieIMPACT saves me one to two hours for a cost of $12.49 per report.  

The partially complete report is uploaded to my mobile device and edited as needed as I inspect the subject and sales.  Pictures are automatically inserted in the proper location of the report in the mobile device.  One of the great time savers with mobile device use, is the built in mapping feature which provides GPS directions for the sales and subject if the addresses are in the appraisal report.  Once the inspections are complete, the report is uploaded to the Alamode cloud, then downloaded to my desktop once I return to the office.

Usually, an additional one to two hours are needed to complete the report and submit it to the client.

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